plan & organise your regular passenger routes, schedule & track your fleet/contract vehicles using Flexiroute a mature & robust web based platform utilised across the UK, Europe and USA by business' ranging from small CT schemes through to busy Local Authority Transport departments.

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Planroute is a route planning tool that integrates with flexiroute to enable you to plan and optimise regular routes for applications such as Home to School Transport, SEN Transport and Social Care Transport to places such as Schools, Day Centres, Workplaces etc.

Planroute allows you to create multiple regular daily schedules for each customer specifying the locations travelled to and from and the periods in which travel takes place (e.g. weekdays, AM and PM).

Using interactive mapping Planroute allows the user to visualise all customers travelling to the same location.

The user can then plot a combination of routes ready for scheduling within flexiroute.

Planroute allows the user to maintain a tight control over efficiency of routes and provides savings by reducing mileage and fuel costs.

Optimise regular routes

Through use of the interactive map Planroute allows you to visualise and optimise your regular routes

Create & compare 'what-if' scenarios

Sets of routes can be created, stored and compared to ensure maximum efficiency

Integrated with flexiroute

Recall of routes created in Planroute for scheduling and maintenance in flexiroute

Route Maintenance

Planroute allows constant monitoring of routes to ensure optimal use of vehicles

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Flexiroute is a web based passenger scheduling system that will improve the efficiency of the service you provide, the effectiveness of your transport fleet and the volume of passengers you carry.

Flexiroute has been in use for a number of years by Passenger Transport Executives, Local Authorities, Health Trusts and Community Transport organisations across the UK, Europe and USA providing an efficient and effective solution for managing transport scheduling aimed primarily at SEN, the elderly and people with disabilities.

  • Verisign Certified Secure Site available 24/7 enabling flexible working with all data held securely at our ISO27001 accredited Data Centre in the UK
  • Multiple server redundancy with databases replicated in real time therefore not reliant on one server housed on a local PC
  • Single system operated simultaneously from a variety of locations operating independently of local services, eg. power-cut (work from home or other offices)
  • No on-site visit to install software eliminating individual PC issues & associated costs and no equipment to purchase, install and maintain
  • Backed up daily both on and off site
  • Unlimited technical and operational support
  • License by product not by seat

An intuitive, comprehensive integrated transport management web based solution which is easy to implement, easy to use and very cost effective.

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Trackroute is a vehicle tracking solution that is available either as a stand-alone system or fully integrated with our web based on-line route scheduling management solution.

Trackroute gives you visibility of your vehicles allowing you to view live information on the current position and status of each vehicle and driver.

As well as providing the basic tracking information, GPS location, speed and heading information will be available for display on the tracking map.

There are a number of additional features which provide valuable information that can be used to monitor driver behaviour; speed, cornering, harsh braking and excessive acceleration and vehicle performance to generate alerts for accident or theft.

Real time vehicle position

View the current real time position of your vehicles on integrated maps with the ability to drill down to street level

Historic trace of vehicle movements

Trace historic vehicle movements to identify unauthorised mileage or schedule deviations

Integration with flexiroute schedule

Provides visibility of real time or historic vehicle position in relation to the flexiroute schedule

Driver behaviour information

Monitor driver behaviour to provide fuel savings and prevent accidents

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Shareroute is an exciting new sustainable transport software solution aimed at providing the public with a variety of travel options, particularly for those people who are unable to access or utilise public transport.
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