Accounting & Reports


  • Standard and customized fare templates
  • Enter fares for individual trips
  • Fares by mileage eg. 20p per mile
  • Fares by mileage brackets eg. 0-5, 6-10
  • Fares by zones eg. Zone A to Zone B
  • Fares by districts eg. District A to District B
  • Fares by minimum charge
  • Fares by Fixed charge one way and return
  • Fares by Group hire with or without driver
  • Fares by service category
  • Calculate journey distance and cost in advance
  • Generate invoices to the customers, third parties, groups and cost centers
  • Single or batch invoicing
  • Record status of invoices generated including paid / unpaid
  • Generate standard late payment letters
  • Maintain record of cash fares taken on vehicle
  • Calculate journey distance & cost in advance using built-in tool.
  • Export to Sage 50 / 200


  • Over 200 Crystal reports
  • BSOG report collation & generation