Custom Route Trips

Custom route functionality was developed to allow routes to be entered where a combination of customers, groups, unknown passengers and Passenger Assistant's can travel as one route. A route name is added and the user defines whether they want to use manual or system routing.

With manual routing the operator defines the pick-up (PU) and drop-off (DO) times. If manual times are not entered the Outbound start PU and Return start PU times need to be entered (as per normal booking processes) and the system calculates the route PU and DO times for all PU and DO locations.

The booking form displays all the Passengers PU's with their home addresses and if a return route a DO entry is displayed. The operator selects the PU and DO landmarks for the route. Options for wait at landmark/extra time are available.

Example 1 - 2 customers multi-leg + waiting time

Pick up at Joe Smith at home → drive to daughters house (leg 1) → drive to doctors, waiting time of 15mins at doctors for appointment (leg 2) → drive to chemist, waiting time of 10mins to collect prescription (leg 3) → drive to post office to collect pension, waiting time of 15mins (leg 4) → drive back to daughters house (leg 5) → return home to Joe Smith's house (leg 6)

The system automatically loads default mobility settings for each each passenger and you can select or deselect the option as required.

Example 2 - 1 PA + 5 Childen SEN multi-leg route

School run type trip whereby the order and times are specified:

Route 1 St Augustus AM Run

07.30 PU Joe Brown (Escort) → 07.40 PU Anna Smith → 07.50 PU Henry Styles → 08.00 PU Sophie Thompson → 08.10 PU Jenna Allen → 08.20 PU Bradley Taylor → 08.35 DO Anna Smith, Henry Styles and Sophie Thompson at St. Augustus Lower School → 08:45 DO Jenna Allen and Bradley Taylor at St. Augustus Higher School → 09.15 DO Joe Brown (at home)