Trip Opportunities

Definition of Trip Opportunity

"A regular trip to a pre-defined landmark eg. Weekly trip to Asda on a Monday"

This functionality builds routes dynamically from the regular trips entered and highlights potential trip opportunities for the customer based on their locality.

A link on the booking form allows the operator to view the trip opportunities, the number of seats available on the route, the current runsheet for the route selected and click on a link to populate the information back to the booking form to add the customer to the trip opportunity.


  • Passenger enquiry: Customer calls to ask whether they can go shopping on a weekly basis. For an existing Customer the operator can easily identify what trip opportunities there are from their home address, ie. on which day, at what time and frequency eg. "yes we go to Asda on a Monday afternoon every week and there is space available for you"
  • If the Customer is not registered with the Scheme you can input the postcode of the new customer, which allows the operator to easily identify a potential trip opportunity and spare capacity on the route.

Trip Opportunity Mapping

In order to assist schemes in identifying and selling spare capacity the map functionality has been expanded to display customers living in proximity of the trip opportunity route. The proximity in miles is variable but set as a default to 1 mile. A pin icon on the map displays the customer's location and clicking on the pin displays the customer's contact details.

Alternatively the operator can click on a link to preview & print a list of all customers that could potentially take up the trip opportunity.