Volunteer Cars & Drivers

The Volunteer car and driver process has been developed to carry out volunteer car and driver trips and allow an operator to view the potential charge for the trip by the volunteer driver.

When a Driver profile is created there is an option to select 'Use as Vehicle Depot' against the driver's address, by selecting this option a Vehicle Depot profile is automatically generated so the system knows where the volunteer vehicle is located.

When the Vehicle Profile is created for the Volunteer it is linked to the Driver profile. Driver charges can be entered so when calculating driver costs this includes the distance from the driver's home address to the first PU. You can add a Driver charge flat rate per trip, a charge per mile and a set passenger rate per mile based on travelling from their home address (vehicle depot).

Driver charges are displayed on the booking options page presented to the operator when booking a trip to assist the operator in making the decision of which driver to use for the trip. The options can be sorted on Best use of vehicle (default), Closest to requested time (the time requested for the trip by the customer) and Cost (the cheapest cost as the first option.

Driver availability should be entered for the days and times the driver is available. There is an option to repeat the entry to the date selected. When you save the Driver availability profile, Driver and Vehicle Assignments are automatically created to align with the driver availability. When you modify driver availability, the driver and vehicle assignments are automatically updated to align with the driver availability.

Trips can be booked once the Driver profile (+ vehicle depot profile), Vehicle profile (+ vehicle charges) and Driver availability (+ driver / vehicle assignments) are created.